Earthquake Attack Japan

05 May

Tokyo-Japan the quake took place unexpectedly. It happened on Friday last weeks. The disaster attacks Japanese. So many victims cause of that disaster, it also to cause damage of buildings and to cause a commotion many people.

Officials say more than 300 people have been killed in Japan’s earthquake and that 1500 people have been injured. Prime minister Hinayata Maeda and his civil protection chief. Sukizake Konosuke held a press conference after reaching the Central Japan City of Tokyo, hit bt a powerful earthquake as resident work and slept. Hinayata Maeda warned that more temblors were possible and said no one would be allowed to remain in damaged homes. He said many buildings in the city’s Historic Center were at risk of collapse. Sukizake told reporters that “the victims are even more than 300”. The quake struck about 35 miles northeast of Hiroshima at 10.52 AM local time, official said.

By Hendri Setyanto

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